HR-L: Automatic laboratory station

The compact and reliable plant station- the solution for representative sampling and automatic transport

Area of application

Receipt and opening of pneumatic carrier in the laboratory, unpacking and alignment of samples, reclosing of carrier and sending to the plant station

Metal samples of various shapes (round, oval, double-thickness, cylindrical, conical) and other, powder and granular samples (slag and other)

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Sending and receiving of various sample materials
The fully automatic HR-L laboratory dispatch and receiving station is designed for the receiving and dispatch of pneumatic tube carrier in the laboratory. The carriers can be used to transport a wide range of materials: hot or cold metal samples, granular materials, powder samples and other sample materials. When a pneumatic tube capsule is received by the fully automatic HR-L laboratory dispatch and receiving station, the capsule is opened, emptied, cleaned, closed again, and returned to the dispatching station by an integrated handling system.

Up to six incoming pneumatic tube lines can be integrated into the fully automatic HR-L laboratory dispatch and receiving station, depending upon the specification. Within the HR-L several pneumatic tube lines can be operated by just one handling system. According to the requirements of the laboratory discharge and dosing systems, manual input points as well as recovery magazines can be integrated.

Safe operation
The HR-L fully automatic laboratory station is fitted with a programmable logic controller in order to enable it to meet in full the requirements of an automated laboratory. The fully automatic HR-L laboratory station is fully enclosed, sound-insulated, and is equipped with safety cut-outs for protection of the operating personnel. The station presents a low dust and noise impact upon the workplace, and a high level of safety. All system modules are integrated into the machine column and can be accessed easily through doors in the housing.


  • Sample sorter for steel samples
  • Discharge for slag samples HR-L