Sample Vita- Module: Overview of all important sample data

PM Analytics' optional Sample Vita module combines all relevant data for sample preparation and analysis of a sample in a central data sheet. The Sample Vita module lists all routing data, machines and analysis devices used as well as sample preparation times and steps, and analysis results.

Overview of all sample preparation and analysis data
If available, all camera images, for example of the surface of steel samples before and after analysis, weights, sieve analyses and TCM values of the sample preparation machines are also displayed. If the analysis of reference samples is monitored by the PM Analytics it is recognizable whether the analysis of the production sample was performed under referenced conditions. The deviation of a reference analysis leads to raising the red flag based on the criteria and rules previously defined by the user.

Link to numerous other PM Analytics modules
The operator can jump directly from many parts of PM Analytics to the Sample Vita data of the respective sample. In this way, possible causes of a deviation from the expected values can be analyzed quickly and easily.

Seamless verification of all sample-related data
All current and historical Sample Vita data can be sorted and searched according to criteria such as time period and sample type. All data and processes are thus available at any time for a complete proof of controlled sample preparation and analysis, for example within the scope of an ISO 17025 audit. The Sample Vita data for an individual sample can also be saved or printed out in pdf format.