Service, maintenance and error analysis

Easy configuration and monitoring of maintenance tasks
A maintenance module is available as an option to support operators in the maintenance and management of existing machines and instruments. The module enables the simple creation and definition of components/ machines and associated maintenance tasks. Maintenance tasks can be configured as one-off or regularly recurring activities. A list of maintenance tasks described in the operating instructions is already stored with each machine. PM Analytics automatically informs about pending or delayed maintenance tasks. In addition, proof that necessary maintenance tasks have been carried out can be provided, for example in the course of an audit.

Statistic evaluation of the maintenance effort
Furthermore, it is possible to conduct a detailed statistical evaluation of the maintenance condition of the entire system and individual components. As the user can also record the maintenance times a statistical analysis of the maintenance effort for the automation and its individual components can be carried out for a specific period of time. This provides important information assisting with cost calculation and resource planning for the maintenance of the automation.
The PM Analytics maintenance module can also store all kinds of documentation such as manuals, spare parts lists, machine books, etc. These are thus accessible to the operator at any time at the touch of a button.

Automatic monitoring of the functional status of a system
PM Analytics also provides an overview of the functional status of the entire system and individual components. For a freely selectable period of time, the operating states of individual machines (automatic mode, warning, alarm, manual mode) are evaluated and graphically displayed using bar charts. In addition, a statistical evaluation of warning and error messages for each individual component is carried out for the selected period. This enables operators and service engineers to recognize the frequency of errors and warnings of each component quickly and to initiate suitable countermeasures.

Overview of machine faults and warnings
The occurring individual fault and warning messages are recorded and listed in a separate dashboard. The list can be sorted by date, machine and type of error. If a video module is available within PM Analytics, an error or warning can be automatically linked to a video sequence within the machine or system. This video sequence shows the processes before and after the error occurred. The trigger leading to the storage of the video sequence as well as the length of the stored video sequence and the video buffer can be easily configured. The automatic linking to the video sequence significantly facilitates the retrospective error analysis.