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FoundryLab - The Solution for Fully-automatic Quality Inspection in Foundries


The FoundryLab is the new solution for automatic quality inspection in foundries. The operator just inserts the sample. Everything else is done automatically by the system including sample preparation, analysis and system calibration.


The FoundryLab has been specially geared towards the analytical needs of foundries and delivers maximum performance in any area:

  • Fast and reproducible sample preparation without contamination
  • High analytical accuracy with short measurement and recalibration times
  • Low investment and operational costs for a quick ROI
  • Easy use and maintenance, simple and quick commissioning on site
  • Small footprint for installation on the foundry floor
  • Increased throughput and relief of the staff from mundane tasks

HERZOG has designed the FoundryLab in cooperation with SPECTRO AMETEK. The two companies combined many years of expertise and experience with innovative advancements of their components. The resulting benefits for customers are future-proof technology for sample preparation and analysis, long service life and optimum efficiency.


Please find the newest video of the HERZOG Cement Automation here and on the HERZOG Youtube channel.


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