HERZOG has recently introduced a novel approach for real-time measurement of the grinding performance in laboratory disc mills. Using this new...

Certification of the enviromental management system ISO 14001:2015



In April 2020, HERZOG achieved certification against the Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the international ISO 14001 standard....

Here we present the standard magazine for introduction of sample cups into the combined mill/ press HP-MP. The cup magazine is available for...

The HS-F 1000 is the standard machine for preparation of iron and steel samples by surface milling. The HS-F 1000 has an extremely flexible design in...

Semi-automatic disc grinding mill for large material volumes

The HP-M 500 is the disc grinding mill especially designed for pulverizing of large...

The new automation for elemental analysis by furnace combustion


HERZOG has recently launched the CNSLab as a new standard laboratory solution. The HERZOG CNSLab is a fully-automatic system for elemental analysis of...



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