PrepMaster Analytics

PrepMaster Analytics is a true Industry 4.0 application that is precisely tailored to the needs of laboratories. PM Analytics enables complete monitoring and documentation of all relevant data and processes in the laboratory and provides a holistic overview of all important key performance indicators. PM Analytics automates and simplifies numerous processes in the laboratory and opens up the possibility of further improving reproducibility and accuracy of sample preparation and analysis by using integrated sensor technologies.


Recording, display, processing of analysis results

PM Analytics enables the automatic collection of analysis data from a variety of analysis devices via network connections (SMB, TCP, FTP).

Monitoring of reference samples

The optional reference sample module of PM Analytics enables the automatic display and continuous monitoring of reference analyses using tools for statistical process control (SPC).

Monitoring of the automation performance

PM Analytics provides all necessary tools for visualizing and monitoring the system performance of the automation. Important key performance indicators are evaluated in real-time.

Service, maintenance and error analysis

A maintenance module is available as an option to support operators in the maintenance and management of existing machines and instruments.

Sample Vita- Module: Overview of all important sample data

PM Analytics' optional Sample Vita module combines all relevant data for sample preparation and analysis of a sample in a central data sheet. The Sample Vita module lists all routing data, machines and analysis devices used as well as sample preparation times and steps, and analysis results.

Tool Condition Monitoring

PM Analytics offers optional modules for monitoring different machine tools using sensor data. This enables both the control of the tool condition (TCM) and the execution of predictive maintenance.

Prepmaster Analytics

PM Analytics is a modern web-based software that can be easily installed on a dedicated server or integrated into an existing server environment through virtualization. Dynamic and interactive dashboards which can be accessed from all end devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) are used to visualize, edit, filter and drill down data. The powerful back-end software ensures fast and reliable data acquisition, processing and forwarding.

The PM Analytics software has a modular structure so that the user can put together the system according to his requirements and wishes. An extension of the software by additional modules or newly developed modules as well as an update of already existing modules is possible without any problems. To program PrepMaster Analytics, Herzog uses a software framework with standard components and functionalities. This makes the solutions transparent for the customer and significantly increases the investment security of the product.


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