HERZOG not only manufactures high-quality products but also offers custom-made service packages for every phase in the life of delivered machines and automations. In this way, we want to ensure that your systems run at a maximum of availability and productivity throughout their entire life.
Our main focus is on reliable and fast delivery of original parts and high-performance services by HERZOG employees or a certified service partner. Furthermore, our team of experts provides you with sound support in development of applications specially tailored to your materials and processes.

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Spare Parts

By purchasing a HERZOG machine you have made a perfect investment in the future. Our service for parts and consumables enables you to operate your machines for decades with no loss of functionality. For all our parts we offer superior quality, quick delivery and availability far beyond the statutory minimum period.


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Our spare part department will advise you on all questions and assists you in identifying the right parts. Quotes and order confirmations are usually sent to you the next day after your inquiry or order. During an on-site service visit, our service engineers will prepare a list of parts due to be changed during the next service. This helps you plan and enables trouble-free operation of your machines and systems.


Majority of parts and consumables are kept in stock and are therefore available on short notice. In urgent cases, express shipments are dispatched on the same day. For special parts and assemblies not being stocked, we take care for flexible production and coordinated logistics in order to ensure the timely supply. If you have signed a platinum service contract for your system we stock all parts necessary for operation. If needed, these will be sent to you by express on the next day.

Protection of you investments

HERZOG machines have a service life of many years. We guarantee that the sufficient part supply is assured also for machine models from older years. We also make every effort to stock or procure parts such as control components that are no longer supplied by the OEM.



HERZOG is your service partner ensuring that your machines run with highest performance and availability throughout their entire life cycle. During commissioning, staff training, maintenance and troubleshooting we are at your side with excellently trained service technicians. Through our large network of subsidiaries and certified representatives we guarantee flexible and fast service worldwide.

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As a matter of course, installation and commissioning are integral part of our service activities. Additionally, our well-rehearsed team sets all customer-specific machine parameters, carries out test runs and, if needed, optimizes the processes together with you. All machines and systems are thoroughly tested in our factory before delivery. This way we can significantly reduce the time required for commissioning and keep the inconvenience at your location as low as possible.
Furthermore, we are happy to offer to you a complete package including not only the actual commissioning but also transportation, unloading of machines, and material disposal. For larger projects requiring more extensive coordination with your departments, we will draw up a detailed installation plan in consultation with you.


Our experts will provide your personnel with the specialist knowledge to operate and maintain the HERZOG machines. The training courses take place at your location or at our factory. They are practice-oriented and cover product-related explanations including duties of care, safety instructions, maintenance intervals and impermissible operating methods. We aim at educating professionally trained employees who will achieve the highest level of safety, efficiency and availability in the operation and maintenance of the machines.


In addition to the daily routine maintenance by your employees we recommend maintenance work at regular intervals by experienced HERZOG specialists. They inspect the machines and automation and evaluate their current state. They replace defective parts, point up danger areas and advise on recommended repair. Upon completion of the service the responsible departments will receive a report with all abnormalities, measures carried out and proposals for remedial action.
Furthermore, we offer attractive service contracts that offer you a wide range of benefits. According to the contract selected, these include fixed prices for the duration of the agreement, guaranteed response times, reduction for unscheduled service calls, discount on parts and consumables or delivery of spare parts within 24 hours. Generally, we extend the guarantee period from 12 to 24 months if a maintenance assignment is carried out by a HERZOG team or a certified partner within this period.
In urgent cases, our worldwide network of HERZOG subsidiaries and partners offers competent support within shortest time.



Our software solutions have been optimized for fast and target-oriented implementation and easy access in case of service. We have developed specific service concepts for programmable logic controller (PLC) of our machines, our SCADA system (PrepMaster Core/ Entry) and our laboratory information system (PrepMaster Analytics). In this way, we guarantee trouble-free operation of your system and assist you with your daily maintenance tasks.

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Programmable logic controller

HERZOG offers machines with programmable logic controllers (PLC) from various suppliers such as Siemens, Allan Bradley, Schneider Electric and others. Already when programming the machines we pay attention to a high degree of standardization of the PLC program and drive control. This leads to a substantial simplification during commissioning and in possible later service cases. Furthermore, it makes it easier to adapt the machine sequences to the technical requirements of our customers.
We regularly equip plants and larger machines with a service router for the duration of the warranty. This allows our software department to quickly and easily connect to the machine control system for error analysis or modification without the need of an on-site visit. The router can be either temporarily linked via the customer network or, if this is not possible, via a mobile phone network.

SCADA system PrepMaster Core and PrepMaster Entry

The PrepMaster Core/ Entry software undergoes continuous development since 25 years. The software design with its machine-oriented programming ensures absolute availability and real time- control of the system. To further improve standardization, all PrepMaster projects are configured using the PrepMaster IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The PrepMaster IDE guarantees that only up-to-date and tested configuration and driver files are used. In addition, the programmer has access to a large library of routing procedures that ensure an optimal process flow. The graphical user interface makes it particularly easy to obtain an overview of the processes in the plant, even during subsequent service calls. In addition, automatic error checking and correction by the PrepMaster IDE already takes place during configuration and programming.
PrepMaster provides various tools for system analysis. This allows processes in the system to be reproduced exactly and possible errors to be evaluated. Using standard remote maintenance software such as TeamViewer, our specialists can connect to the PrepMaster software after consulting with you.

PrepMaster Analytics

Our laboratory information system PrepMaster Analytics includes numerous functions for monitoring the proper operation of your automation as well as tools for service and process optimization. With our modules for tool condition monitoring (TCM) and predictive maintenance (PM), you can monitor, e.g., the condition of your milling machine, pulverizer or pneumatic cylinders. Functions for evaluating the system performance assist you with optimizing the processes in your system. The display of warning and error messages along with machine and video data makes error analysis much easier.
In addition, PrepMaster Analytics optionally includes its own maintenance module that supports you in maintaining and managing your machine and instrument inventory, enables you to create and monitor maintenance tasks and provides a statistical evaluation of your maintenance effort. Furthermore, manuals and spare parts lists can be stored in electronic form.



HERZOG is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of sample preparation. Based on the combination of decades of expertise and modern analytical methods we strive to meet the high demands of our customers in the future.

Together with our team of experts you can test the preparation and analysis of your samples in our laboratories and automations and optimize them for your application. On request, we can also carry out a detailed series of tests with your materials, evaluate the results and send you a detailed report with application recommendations.

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Contamination tests

The automation of processes such as fine grinding, dosing and pelletizing of sample material requires an efficient and autonomous cleaning of the components used.
Depending on the requirements and methods involved, HERZOG offers various solutions, such as dry cleaning with compressed air, wet cleaning, sand and granulate cleaning as well as the use of blank samples. In order to minimize potential carry-over, material-specific test series can be run in advance using XRF analysis. This enables the cleaning parameters to be set precisely and exactly adapted to the customer's needs. This means that contamination can be avoided during routine operation.

Influence of parameterization

When preparing an analytical sample, there are a number of factors that can influence the quality of the measurement result. Particle size effects, matrix effects, preferred orientation of particles, the roughness of the sample surface as well as the shape of fused beads are only a few phenomena that have to be considered.
The following parameters, among others, play an important role:

  • Grinding duration and vessel
  • Addition of grinding aid and binding agents
  • Pelletizing pressure and hold time
  • Fusion time
  • Swiveling of the fusion crucible
  • Choice of fluxes and additives

HERZOG offers the possibility of assessing these parameters and optimizing them for the respective customer requirements.

Homogeneity tests

Since only a limited portion of the sample interacts with the X-rays during the analysis, it is essential for XRF and XRD that a representative, effective sample surface is available. Under certain circumstances, pelletizing sample material into metal rings can lead to undesirable segregation or introduction of particles potentially influencing analysis results. In order to avoid possible heterogeneities in fused beads or pressed pellets, HERZOG employs various preparation methods.

Optimization of automation processes

Laboratory automation is intended to achieve the optimum operating conditions that ensure a high sample throughput with stable analytical quality. When planning laboratory automation, we not only rely on our decades of expertise in the field of sample preparation, but also use additional planning tools such as simulation programs.
Before delivery, the automation procedures are tested extensively in our factory. Among other things, we use analytical methods such as spectroscopy and particle size measurement to exactly align the respective machine parameters and achieve the optimum result for each application. It goes without saying that we work closely with our customers to achieve this goal.


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